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Japanese artist Yoneji Inamura has created some unusual pieces. This samurai is made up over 5,000 insects.

A few days ago ‘Humans of New York‘ shared the story of a girl named Beyonce.

May the fourth be with you everyone!

Masayoshi Matsumoto is a talented balloon artist, a description that up until now I don’t think anyone has ever said seriously before, but check...

Even after the mass arrests in Switzerland for corruption and head honcho and real-life Supervillain Sepp Blatter resigning in shame, things actually got worse...

A subreddit cleverly titled ‘Tiny Animals On Fingers‘ illustrates, well, exactly that. Who knew crabs, and bats could look so adorable?

Denis Cyplenkov is a 32-year-old Ukrainian Born arm wrestling champion, he’s known at the real-life Hulk.

Steph Curry The chase for this year’s MVP award is about as tight as it’s ever been, but if you had to call someone a...

Somehow I think this book might be a little too traumatic for kids to handle. But if you’re into scarring them for life, this...

IMGUR user chrispudney relays a story of his from tinder. It starts like so many others, but ends in a way that is...
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